Art on Migration Politics

Migration and revolution are acts of human agency that demand more. Both emerge from discontent with authoritarianism, corruption, blocked aspirations, obstructed possibilities, and social inequalities, and the loss of a sense of agency that accompanies these conditions.
— Louise Cainkar, “Global Arab World Migrations and Diasporas,” The Arab Studies Journal, 2013

In CAMP, we believe that art engaging migration politics is able to express the life experiences of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers and place their testimonies within a larger historical and political perspective. It can mirror not only the precariousness of migrants and refugees, but can also show the social richness, creativity, and dignity by which these groups of people survive in a world that does not want them.

Art on migration politics sheds light on what affects us all, yet the migrant and the refugee the most: home, close relations, and personal safety. In the end, it also contributes to a lived critique of the political systems that uphold discriminating borders, global economic inequality, and non-sustainable exploitation of our nature.

Murtaza Ali Jafari Knots (2012) Courtesy the artist

Murtaza Ali Jafari
Knots (2012)
Courtesy the artist

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