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CAMP focus! 2018–2020: State of Integration

CAMP focus! 2018–2020

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Four internationally acclaimed curators and artists – Nicholas Mirzoeff, Temi Odumosu, Galit Eilat and Tania Bruguera – will each guest curate an ambitious group exhibition on coexistence and the politics of belonging.

It is the first time that CAMP collaborates with external curators. The intention is to introduce different curatorial methodologies and attract new artists to the center.

State of Integration:
Artistic analyses of the challenges of coexistence

As part of CAMP’s new exhibition format CAMP focus!, the center will launch the 2-year exhibition program State of Integration: Artistic analyses of the challenges of coexistence in the fall of 2018.

State of Integration concept

In the wake of the large influx of refugees and immigrants that arrived in Denmark and the rest of the West in 2015, immigration and integration are once again at the top of the agenda and have created divisions between politicians and populations over how immigration is to be handled. Questions about who should be admitted and what benefits should be afforded to new members of the Western societies are some of the most controversial questions today.

The international community is still far from having found sustainable solutions. There is therefore an increasing need for exhibitions and forums that can debate immigration issues in new and more fruitful ways.

In four different exhibitions, some of the most visionary artists of today will examine why immigration poses such a major challenge to many Western countries, and how refugees, immigrants, and diaspora populations experience demands of integration or assimilation into the majority culture.

More than 30 internationally acclaimed artists, curators, and cultural producers will contribute to the exhibition series, helping us to understand processes behind key concepts such as #integration, #assimilation, #belonging, #parallel societies, #conviviality, and #co-citizenship.

When contemporary art opens up new perspectives of greater complexity and breadth, do we have the courage to embrace them and convert them into alternative models for coexistence and citizenship?


State of Integration exhibitions

Sept. 21, 2018 – Mar. 30, 2019

Decolonizing Appearance

Guest curated by Nicholas Mirzoeff

Abdul Dube,  The only title I want is... human  (2011)

Abdul Dube, The only title I want is... human (2011)

This large group exhibition is curated by visual culture theorist Nicholas Mirzoeff from New York University. Decolonizing Appearance is the work of asking questions. What does decolonizing look like? How do the colonized and the colonizer appear to each other? How can the colonized have the right to look, the right to be seen – in short, the right to appear? Decolonization is not a metaphor. It is not a matter for art alone. The work on the walls in this exhibition resonates with conversations in the space, in the Trampoline House refugee justice community center where it is housed, in Copenhagen and beyond.

As nationalism, racism, and xenophobia claim to be the 'common sense' of the global now, it is vital to continue to imagine other presents and possible futures. And to live in them. What would happen when appearance is decolonized? To whom can we appear? By what means? Who is that 'we'? What has to happen for decolonizing to take place where you live?

Decolonizing Appearance brings together collectives and individuals working on these questions in different ways in photography, video, installation, and text. The work addresses issues from Gaza to the Caribbean, Africa, the United States, and Denmark. It is not just something to see, it is something to do, from painting murals and making banners to decolonizing assemblies and workshops. Click here to read more.

Contributors: John Akomfrah / Khalid Albaih / Gurminder K. Bhambra / Abdul Dube / Sonya Dyer/ Jeanette Ehlers / Forensic Architecture / Jane Jin Kaisen / Pedro Lasch / Marronage / MTL / Carl Pope / Dread Scott


Oct. 4 – Dec. 14, 2019


Guest curated by Temi Odumosu

Yong Sun Gullach,  The Starchild.  Live performative action, 3D/365 installation

Yong Sun Gullach, The Starchild. Live performative action, 3D/365 installation

Threshold(s) is a dense group exhibition guest curated by British art historian and curator Dr. Temi Odumosu. The exhibition takes a closer look at the concept of belonging and what governs the politics of belonging. When does a place of refuge (a family, city, nation) become home? What is lost and gained in transitions/inhabitations/assimilations? How does coloniality make and mark official immigration structures? 

Threshold(s) will showcase five artists with a decolonial practice from the Nordic region: Saba Bereket Persson, Michelle Eistrup, Luanda Carneiro Jacoel, Pia Arke and Yong Sun Gullach.


March 6– June 13, 2020

On hostility and hospitality

Guest curated by Galit Eilat

Sandi Hilal,  The Hospitality Room  (2016)

Sandi Hilal, The Hospitality Room (2016)

On hostility and hospitality is guest curated by curator Galit Eilat. The exhibition examines the relation between hospitality and hostility and is based on Hilal’s art project The Hospitality Room: the right to be host and be hosted (2016–) created for an asylum center in Boden, Sweden.

‘The hospitality room’ refers to the room of in Arab culture, which is used only to receive guests and is always ready. During her research among Syrian refugees, Hilal found that even in the smallest asylum center room, unexpected guests are welcomed. Hosting is a way to break with the feeling of being a guest/unwanted/isolated and to connect one's lost life in Syria with the new life in Sweden.

As her contribution to CAMP, Eilat will establish a number of hospitality rooms around Copenhagen that will make us reflect deeper on the host-guest relation. In these spaces, artists, refugees, cultural anthropologists, and lawyers will reach out to local audiences and introduce them to questions about sovereignty and the boundaries for hospitality. Each hospitality room is an exhibition in the exhibition and makes up the setting for a seminar on different legal aspects of displacement, migration, and asylum. The seminars will result in a legal theater in CAMP that uses the method of ‘Legislative Theater’ to facilitate new understandings of sovereignty, boundaries for hospitality, and citizenship.

Sept. 18 – Dec. 12, 2020

The Migrant Village

Guest curated by Tania Bruguera

Tania Bruguera, Awareness Ribbon for  Immigrant Respect Campaign  (2011)

Tania Bruguera, Awareness Ribbon for Immigrant Respect Campaign (2011)

The Migrant Village is guest curated by internationally acclaimed Cuban artist Tania Bruguera. The exhibition takes its starting point in the artist’s ongoing art project Immigrant Movement International (2010–) – an artist initiated sociopolitical movement that uses art to build trust between authorities and new/ undocumented immigrants and to inform immigrants about their rights and possibilities in their new host country.

The Migrant Village will be a community mobilizing project in CAMP’s exhibition spaces, which will turn refugees, migrants, and immigrants in and around CAMP and Trampoline House into co-creators of the exhibition.

In Bruguera’s own words, The Migrant Village aims to improve integration efforts for refugee and migrants by creating an infrastructure to rescue migrant knowledge for the benefit of the broader community.

The artist believes that the value of the human experience and intellectual capacity that migrants bring with them should be valued as greatly as any labor they provide.

Bruguera will use art to envision a better system for immigrant integration by developing a prototype and deriving tools to replicate the project’s successes.

Later Event: October 4
English / Temi Odumosu: Threshold(s)