DVD: Rethinking Nordic Colonialism (out of stock)


DVD: Rethinking Nordic Colonialism (out of stock)


Multimedia DVD: Rethinking Nordic Colonialism
(released 2006/2007)

Editor & Producer: Kuratorisk Aktion (Frederikke Hansen & Tone Olaf Nielsen) 
Publisher: Kuratorisk Aktion & NIFCA, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, Helsinki, 2006 (1. ed.) and 2007 (2. ed.)
Contributors: M. Jacqui Alexander; Pia Arke; Nadiah Bamadhaj; Bolette Benedictsen Blaagaard; Stephanie Black; Randi Broberg with Tine Bryld and Helene Thiesen; Center for Land Use Interpretation; Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Humphrey Polepole & Ivaaq Poulsen with Inuit Youth International; Godfried Donkor; Anida Yoeu Esguerra; Paul Gilroy; Tamar Guimarães; Archana Hande; Laila Hansen; Julie Edel Hardenberg; Marja Helander; Imani Henry; Richard William Hill; Geir Tore Holm; Høgni Hoydal; Inuk Silis Høegh & Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen; Maryam Jafri; Ívar Jónsson; Isaac Julien; Jane Jin Kaisen & Tobias Hübinette; Rauna Kuokkanen; Kuratorisk Aktion; Moshekwa Langa; Reina Lewis; Mikela Lundahl; Aviâja Egede Lynge; Kobena Mercer; Kent Monkman; Rannvá Holm Mortensen; New Meaning; Alanis Obomsawin; Steve Ouditt; Pratibha Parmar; Humphrey Polepole; Gillo Pontecorvo; Kaisa Raitio; Henriette Rasmussen; Ruangrupa; Vandana Shiva; Katarina Pirak Sikku; Paul-Anders Simma; Slut; Makere Stewart-Harawira; Fatimah Tuggar; 200; Ósk Vilhjálmsdóttir; VISION – den om lighed; Voima; Kara Walker
Type: DVD in digipack, with 24-page illustrated color booklet
Language: English
ISBN: 951-8955-81-6
Distribution: Kuratorisk Aktion, info@kuratorisk-aktion.org
Price: DKK 69 / € 9 / US$ 11 (ex. handling fee, packaging, and shipping)

Not many associate the Nordic region with colonialism. However, powerful European nations such as Spain, Great Britain, and France were not alone in conquering lands and peoples in pursuit of resources, labor, and markets. Scandinavians also acquired colonies both within and beyond the Nordic region. While the colonial histories of most European powers have been engaged by critics and artists from around the globe for more than a quarter-century, surprisingly few have made the legacy of Nordic colonialism their field of examination.

The DVD marks a belated attempt at writing a comprehensive history of Nordic colonialism. It allows the user to navigate through an extensive material of visual art, theoretical papers, video- and audio recordings, all generated during Rethinking Nordic Colonialism: A Postcolonial Exhibition Project in Five Acts. Curated by Kuratorisk Aktion in 2006, the project was organized as a series of art exhibitions, workshops, conferences, hearings, and happenings in Iceland, Greenland, The Faroe Islands, Finnish Sápmi, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. 56 internationally renowned artists, theorists, politicians, and activists from all over the world met and exchanged colonial experiences and postcolonial strategies during its course. Together, they examined why this past has been neglected, what interests governed Nordic colonialism, which effects it has had on the societies that became its object, and whether there is a connection between the colonialism of the past and the region’s current problems of intolerance, xenophobia, and nationalism.

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