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Get a new perspective on displacement, integration, and migration aesthetics through guided tours and presentations in CAMP and Trampoline House

Book a guided tour in CAMP's current exhibition or a presentation about CAMP's history, mission, and working methods – or both! You can also book a presentation about Trampoline House, the refugee community center in which CAMP is located, followed by a guided tour in CAMP.

All tours and presentations are conducted by a duo made up of a staff member from CAMP and a refugee volunteer from Trampoline House.

The tours are conducted in English or Danish.


CAMP guided tour

1-hour guided tour in our current exhibition, including a short introduction to CAMP and Trampoline House. DKK 750

CAMP presentation

1-hour presentation of CAMP’s history, mission, and working methods by one of the two founding directors.
DKK 2,500 


1-hour presentation of CAMP or Trampoline House followed by a 1-hour guided tour in CAMP's current exhibition.
DKK 3,000




Add lunch or dinner by Trampoline House's catering service, Sisters’ Cuisine.
DKK 125 per person


(+45) 72 14 07 66

Please indicate which of the tours/presentations you are interested in.