Awards & Support statements



> Danish Art Critics Award 2016
(read Matthias Hvass Borello's award motivation here)

> Roskilde Festival Equality Partner 2016–18

Statements of Support

"Trampoline House grew out of an art context and has for several years worked with the problems asylum seekers have, both by supporting the individual and by informing civil society. CAMP provides Trampoline House with a discourse and analytical tools that help create an overview and understanding of the problematics that many of the house users face on a daily basis."

Morten Goll, Artist & Director of Trampoline House: Copenhagen Refugee Community

"It is important to have exhibition venues such as CAMP, which dare to give priority to performances that do not throw out emotional life jackets to their audiences. [The performance] The Right to Have Rights! serves as a reminder that artistic responses to this political crisis can do more than provide an aesthetic breather – they can also contribute to the struggle for the right to breathe."

Mathias Danbolt, Art historian and Critic

"CAMP is an attempt to take the art institution somewhere else: When you walk into the exhibition space, you first have to go through a community center for asylum seekers and refugees. So that's an example that the space of art can still be used to address political problematics that are difficult to find elsewhere in a racist Denmark."

Mikkel Bolt, Art historian and Cultural critic

"Through art as a medium, CAMP creates a rare opportunity for refugees to express their lives and situation. Simultaneously, it becomes possible to tie the concrete testimonies in with a broad, global perspective on asylum and migration. This is what is unique: that asylum and migration are being discussed within a structural and political perspective, yet with the lived refugee life as point of departure."

Riema Ali, Statistician, refugee from Syria with asylum in Denmark

"CAMP is a unique initiative that contributes with significant perspectives on the many questions raised by migration as well as new knowledge about how to improve the life conditions for these people. Though their many important and groundbreaking projects, Frederikke Hansen and Tone Olaf Nielsen have with the curatorial collective, Kuratorisk Aktion, persistently demonstrated their ability to create spaces for this type of indispensable exchanges between art and people."

Katarina Stenbeck, Curator