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The Bridge Radio at Roskilde Festival

The Bridge Radio at Roskilde Festival

June 29 – July, 2017

For the second year in a row, Roskilde Festival invited CAMP to be an 'equality partner' and organize projects during the festival focusing on 'cultural equality.' CAMP partnered up with the Copenhagen-based community radio, The Bridge Radio.

In close collaboration with some of the homeless migrants residing in Folkets Park in Copenhagen, who make a living collecting and selling empty bottles, the Bridge Radio produced a sound installation focusing on the precarious life situation of migrant workers in Denmark. The installation was installed in The Stables near the Arena Stage (see map).

The installation reports, among other things, about the state racism and police violence that people collecting bottles are regularly exposed to in Denmark; about a life without social security; and about the struggle to organize themselves against the exploitation of precarious migrant workers.

Photo: Paula Duvaa

Photo: Paula Duvaa

Installation views

Photo: Paula Duvaa

Special Events

In conjunction with the sound installation, The Bridge Radio hosted a live-session at Roskilde Festival on June 30, 17. They talked about the working conditions for people collecting bottles at the festival:

"This year, the festival implemented a cashless system. This has created a lot of difficulties for people collecting bottles because the electronic cards given to bottle collectors did not work the first couple of days.

The cashless system created a financial infrastructure at the festival that only allowed people with a Danish social security number (CPR number) and credit cards to buy food, drinks, and other necessities. Some people therefore were not able to eat for the first two days. A lot of people also lost the money from collecting bottles the first couple of days, because the card did not work. Some are still waiting to know if they will get the money for their hard work at the festival."

Courtesy: The Bridge Radio

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The project was realized with financial support from CAMP and Foreningen Roskilde Festival