CAMP is open again

Today we are excited to re-open the well-received group exhibition Decolonizing Appearance. Until March 30, you can experience the show, with a remarkable array of some of contemporary art’s biggest artists, thinkers, and activists.


Decolonizing Appearance brings together collectives and individuals working on these questions in different ways in photography, video, installation, and text. As nationalism, racism, and xenophobia claim to be the 'common sense' of the global now, it is vital to continue to imagine other presents and possible futures.

During its extension the show will host a new educational reach-out program for local schools and other vocational educational institutions, as well as providing space for experimentation for activist groups inside of the Trampoline House.

Watch or re-watch Habib Mohsenis amazing video, which continues to pose the central question of the exhibition: what does solidarity look like?