Mirzoeff talk recording

For those of you who didn’t have a chance to attend Nicholas Mirzoeff's talk "How To see – And Change The World" in CAMP on June 9, 2017, you can listen to it here.


"From Brexit to Trump, it is clear there is a new global politics. It is literally reactionary – a reaction to a global set of changes. In short, the world is now young, urban, networked – and hot. One of the most striking changes has been an explosion in the number of visual images. In this talk, I will explore how the image is central to this new global economy. But it also serves as a way for people to express and explore their anxieties about this new world we all live in, in unequal and different ways. So visual culture is vital to understanding the world. More importantly still, it can be used to change it, as I will explore in Black Lives Matter and the South African 'Fall' movement."

Nicholas Mirzoeff is a Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University (NYU). He has contributed to the catalog accompanying CAMP's exhibition We shout and shout, but no one listens: Art from conflict zones available here.

Happy listening!