Special event: Campaign mobilization meeting w/ residents from Deportation Center Sjælsmark

Join us in Trampoline House and CAMP (Center for Art on Migration Politics) tomorrow evening, when Castaway souls of Sjælsmark (a group of rejected asylum seekers from the Danish deportation center Sjælsmark) will inform about its campaign For the Rights to Have Rights! and hopes to recruit campaign volunteers.

Castaway souls of Sjælsmark is a protest movement formed by residents in the Danish deportation center Sjælsmark in January 2016. The group was formed in reaction to how the Danish state treats rejected asylum seekers and deportees. It has organized demonstrations and a protest camp in Copenhagen. In March 2016, the group launched the campaign For the Rights to Have Rights!, demanding an end to forced deportations, the closure of asylum and deportation centers, a stop to the criminalization of migrants and asylum seekers, and the right to the freedom of movement.

As part of their campaign and the group’s participation in CAMP’s current exhibition The Dividing Line: Film and Performance about Border Control and Border Crossing, Castaway souls of Sjælsmark invites the public to a campaign mobilization meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to introduce the public to the For the Rights to Have Rights! campaign, to discuss if violations of human rights are happening in the Danish asylum and deportation centers, and to recruit volunteers to join the campaign and its various committees. The mobilization meeting is held in English, and all are welcome!

Castaway souls of Sjælsmark_demo_3_small.jpeg