Apply for CAMP's gallery guide program before June 1

On June 4, 2018, CAMP is enrolling eight new refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers in its art gallery guide education program, Talking about art. The program educates participants to become part of CAMP’s guide team and do guided tours in the center's exhibitions.

The program offers a 3 week long introduction course from June 4 – 22 for all new participants and a 4 week long advanced course from Aug. 13 – Sept. 7. It will prepare the participants for their role as art guides in CAMP's upcoming exhibition Decolonizing Appearance guest curated by Nicholas Mirzoeff, which opens September 21, 2018, and actively involve them in preparing a guide script.

To apply for the program, which runs from June 4 – 22 and from Aug. 13 – Sept. 7, stop by CAMP's office, email us at, or send a text message to Nanna (+45) 26 20 59 62 before June 1.

Click here to read more about the education program.