Art gallery guide workshop for refugees

CAMP launches a new art gallery guide program in September 2017 for refugees and asylum seekers, who would like to become part of CAMP’s guide team and do guided tours in CAMP's exhibitions about migration.

The program offers 8-week long workshops. The first workshop runs from September 15 – November 10, 2017. It will prepare refugee participants for their role as art guides in CAMP's upcoming exhibition in January 2018 and actively involve them in preparing a script for the guided tours. Additionally, it aims to encourage the participants to engage in discussions and debates about contemporary art and broader social and political issues to enable them to participate in public debate and make their voices heard. Read more here.

To sign up for the workshop, stop by CAMP's office, email us at, or send a text message to Jana (+45) 50 20 59 77 before September 11, 2017.