Statement in support of strikes

The people who work as guides in CAMP / Center for Art on Migration Politics are, or have been, forced into the asylum system. As such, people working in, with and around CAMP are constantly affected by migration politics. As an international exhibition space for art, with an objective to stimulate greater understanding between displaced people and the communities that receive them, we cannot be silent.

Since the end of October 2018, children and adults inside Deportationcenter Sjælsmark have organized a strike against the dehumanizing conditions and “motivational measures” that make up the Danish asylum system.

CAMP sjælsmark.jpg

CAMP / Center for Art on Migration Politics stands in solidarity with all of the children and adults organizing a boycott of the school, kindergarten, cafeteria, and the duty to report to the office.

We ask for our guests, visitors, artists, affiliated activists to support and seek out more information on the ongoing strike inside Sjælsmark.

For more information please see:
The Bridge Radio (for videoes, audio and interviews)
Trampoline House (will update on the situation)
Close Kærshovedgård Deportation Camp (will update on the situation)
Folkebevægelsen for asylbørns fremtid (updates on situation for children inside the asylum system).