Current: The Dividing Line

CAMP’s current exhibition The Dividing Line: Film and Performance About Border Control and Border Crossing takes a closer look at the complex interplay between human migration and border politics.

As one European government after another is responding to the biggest refugee and irregular migrant flood ever recorded by tightening border controls, asylum rules, and deportation policies, CAMP wants this exhibition to provide a lens through which to better understand the current situation.

The Dividing Line presents film, video, and live performance work by 5 transnational artists, filmmakers, and activist groups that examine borders both as physical lines of division enforcing a global system of apartheid, as conceptual borders dividing and creating communities, as the space created by social and economic relationships, and as a site of struggle for the freedom of movement. Most of the contributors have themselves experienced flight or migration.

The participants are: Castaway souls of Sjælsmark/Denmark (transnational), Chen Chieh-jen (Taiwan), David Fedele (Australia), George Kurian (India / Turkey), Welcome to Europe (transnational).

The exhibition runs until April 16, 2016.