Installing the next exhibition


We are closed while installing our upcoming exhibition Decolonizing Appearance, which opens Sept. 21.

Decolonizing Appearance is the first exhibition in CAMP’s new 2-year focus! exhibition program State of Integration: Artistic analyses of the challenges of coexistence. The exhibit is guest curated by Nicholas Mirzoeff, visual culture theorist from New York University, and examines what appearance is, how appearance is used to classify, separate, and rule human beings on a hierarchical scale, and how we can challenge this regime.

Bringing together some of contemporary art’s most engaged individuals and collectives from across the globe, it asks: How do the colonized and the colonizer appear to each other? How can the colonized have the right to look, the right to be seen – in short, the right to appear? What would happen when appearance is decolonized?

Poster image: Still from Jeannette Ehlers' video work The Gaze (2018). Courtesy of the artist